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Reviews of Sardinian Silver

His efforts to recapture the quality and memories of Sardinia, the wine, and his friends from the 1960s have resulted in a novel of superior literary merit. ... Of particular note is Wright’s ability to elicit the morals and mores of 1960’s Sardinia.”

-- M. Wayne Cunningham, ForeWord Clarion Reviews


“This novel is without a doubt as good as one of Graham Greene's ...  Astute readers might be reminded as well of the "Alexandria Quartet" by Lawrence Durrell.”

--Chicago Center for Literature and Photography


“Sardinian Silver is an engaging, entertaining read. In it, author Anthony Colin Wright uses powerful imagery and a vivid cast of characters to bring a compelling story of love--both sought and lost--to impressive life. Wright’s depictions of Sardinia and its lush, flowing features is enough to make the reader pine for an extended stay, and the sheer earnestness of Arthur’s ill-fated pursuits is sure to spark the flames of nostalgic passion in many a lovelorn soul ... Sardinian Silver is a sobering, yet amusing reminder of the emotional fragility that lies within us all. Highly recommended.”

--Linda Waterson, Apex Reviews


Writers like Wright help map out this rugged landscape of masculine desire and yearning in a concise and evocative prose that subtly lifts the curtain on the softer parts of manhood, ones that countless men have been trained to leave untouched and unexplored ... This erotic desire seems destined to be thwarted by the very foreignness that so beguiles, its contours so rigidly formed by the strict sexual repression of Sardinian culture ... This is a novel that is all about a Sense of Place ... It makes us understand that there was something there, something unique, and something now forever gone. It is sad, like a lost love, a lost friend, a lost innocence. Nonetheless, it is beautiful.

--Peter M. Fitzpatrick, US Review of Books


From the first word, A. Colin Wright’s love for Italy takes center stage. Instantly, you find yourself walking the streets of Sardinia with Arthur. You feel the sand between your toes as they relax at the beach. With each passing page, it is virtually impossible not to identify with Arthur as he confronts his torrent of emotions and desires in a setting rich with culture and beauty ...  If you enjoy youthful romance surrounded by an exotic setting then “Sardinian Silver” is a must have.

--Brian Knight


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